Why Would You Leave Me Here, Alone?

Regret. She watched as the casket was Tall-and-Prosperous-Trees-Leaves-Turning-Yellow-What-an-Uncomparable-Scene-Autumn-Natural-Scenery-Wallpaperlowered into the cold, hard ground. White roses were placed on the casket and one by one, the guests left. A hand on the shoulder, a sad smile, Continue reading


[Challenge] Trapped

To help keep the creativity flowing, I decided to join the challenge Literary Lion. Each week, a new word is chosen and you have to write the story in 400 words or less. The word of the week is Escape. Let me know what you think in the comments below!



He stood at the end of the aisle with a mixture of joy and awe on his face. I had never seen him so happy and another woman would have matched his expression with a smile of her own. But I wasn’t another woman, Continue reading