[Quote] The Man Who Passes the Sentence


This quote ties into something my dad has taught me. There are some members of my family who have grown bitter with age. He told me, “You can’t blame the world for everything that goes wrong with your life.” My dad went on to explain that you have a part to play (it is your life afterall) and to take accountability. If you have a problem, find the solution. If you make a mistake, apologize.

(Take this advice with a grain of salt. It’s not one size fits all; every situation is different.)

It’s not easy admitting that you were wrong. It takes a lot of courage to walk up to someone and say that “you’re sorry.” But then I think about Ned Stark’s words and I realize that it’s your duty to put yourself out there. If fear of rejection is the only thing holding you back, that isn’t a good enough reason to avoid an apology.

So this week, do the uncomfortable thing. It sucks, but the sooner you get it over with, the better you will feel.

On that note, I will be returning a call that I have been dodging.

Is there anything you have been avoiding lately?


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