[Quote] You Only Live Once


This quote is comforting. It’s simple, straight forward, and honest. I am constantly thinking back to the decisions that I have made and wonder how things would have turned out if made a different choice. Not only do I constantly look back, but I also look forward. I am always planning for the future.

But this quote made me wonder, do we, in all our plans, make room for living? Doing something that terrifies you but getting that adrenaline rush when you realize you have survived (anything height related for me). That moment we have achieved a goal that you have been working so hard to accomplish. The realization that you have a friend or partner that has stood with you at your worst and you know will have your back no matter what. Going to an event and completely letting loose, not caring what everyone around you thinks.

Truly being alive is when the world stops, everything around you becomes sharper, the colors more vivid, and you feel unstoppable. 

What makes you feel alive? What do you think is the secret ingredient to living life “right”?


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