The Mentor and her Student

As she said goodbye to her mentor, she didn’t feel ready. There was still so much to learn, so much to do. Her mentor smiled at her, “You’re ready.” Heart hammering in her chest, she tried to make the moment last longer, to be the student just a minute more. Yet time, the treacherous thing, let the moment pass. And with that disappearing moment, her mentor released her out into the world.

Months later, the inevitable run-in. Both looked uncertain without their familiar roles. Awkward smiles and conversation, before duty called them both away. She wanted to run back, wanted that reassurance she belonged, that they could still be mentor and student. To thank her for helping shape the person she had become.

But life always follows time, forcing the players to move on to the next scene.

There’s something missing at the end of this piece, but I can’t put my finger on it. What did you think? When was the last time you weren’t ready to let go of a moment or someone in your life?


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